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Homeopathic Flu Remedy-This is one of my most popular remedies! No injections! No drugs! You take three little remedy pills once a  month during flu season.  Works great!  I buy them bulk and break them down into doses to save you money.  Each dose is for one person, and will last 8 months. 
Flu Remedy
Contains: influenza
Price: $10.00

Ultra Preventive ® III Forte-Chel ™ -  provided by Douglas Laboratories®, is a comprehensive, highly concentrated vitamin-mineral-trace element supplement containing more than 30 essential nutritional ingredients. Ultra Preventive Forte Chel is a potent antioxidant formula with beta-carotene and natural vitamin E; a high-potency B-complex supplement; a significant source of bioavailable calcium and magnesium; and a full-spectrum trace element supplement. It contains important nutrients for cardiovascular health, including L-carnitine, coenzyme Q10, EDTA and garlic, among many other beneficial nutrients. Ultra Preventive Forte Chel uses only the purest, most hypoallergenic ingredients and contains no yeast; corn; wheat; sugar or other sweeteners; artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

You have to take 9 of these pills a day...for 90 days... but I promise you will feel great improvement in your health.  Attached below is list of ingredients...
Forte-Chel.pdf (PDF — 424 KB)

I'm a big believer that your body needs vitamins and minerals to heal.  It doesn't matter what your health issue is, if you are deficient in core nutrients, you won't get better. Especially good for male issues! There are 150 tablets or 16 servings in each bottle.  You will need 6 bottles to cover 90 days. These retail for $58.50 each bottle, but I can sell it for less!

Ultra Preventive ® III Forte-Chel
Contains: High doses of vitamins and minerals
Price: $45.00

Breathing & Snoring Issues - Increasing oxygenation a good remedy for smokers and marathon runners. GREAT FOR SNORING!!!  Was given to race horses to increase lung capacity.  Great for athletes!! 2 drams.
Breathing & Snoring
Contains: Ferrum Pho Form: Pellets
Price: $12.00

Gout- I have used this one myself!!  Two doses daily and you will notice relief after a few days.  But keep taking the remedy for 30 days and the condtion will not reoccur. I buy these in bulk so that I can sell them to you for less.
Contains: Benzoic Acid Form: Pellets
Price: $10.00

Kelp 225 mcg 500 Tabs    Kelp is a unique formula that helps promote thyroid health. This ocean plant is packed with nutrients and features a rich source of iodine, an essential mineral known for healthy thyroid function. Each kelp tablet delivers 225 mcg of iodine. Symtoms include decreased basal metabolic rate, weight gain, anorexia, depression, psychosis, mental slowness, lethargy, dry skin, brittle hair, dry cold skin, prone to hypothermia, constipation and an itchy throat.
Contains: Kelp
Price: $9.00

Olivers Remedy- The remedy for pain and stiffness. Fabulous even on bad arthritis. 
  • low dose does not interfere with medications.
  • does not upset stomach or cause damage even after extended use.
  • is made of homeopathic remedies-no drugs-no side effects.
  • Safe at any age.
 Contains 100% Homeopathic Cell salts & Remedies. Olivers Remedy is NOT a pain reliever.  It takes about six to ten days to kick in and see results. So don't be discouraged if nothing happens right away.  It's just starting from the inside and working its way out.
This unique formula adds Bounce-Back-Ability. Veins, muscles, bones, tendons and skin all benefit!  Olivers Remedy offers natural support to symptoms involving growth, injuries, aging and repair.

90 day supply. Take 12 small tabs two times a day. 

Olivers Remedy
Contains: Ruta Grav, Silica, Calc fluor, Calc phos, Kali phos, Natrum mur
Price: $40.00

Cell SaltsThe 12 Cell Salts are made from the natural medicine compounds that combine with water and organic matter to compose the cells and tissues of our bodies. You already have these salts inside your body.  By taking cell salts, you’re replenishing lost supplies. All are 30x and contain 500 tablets. 
1 – Calc Flor - Restoring elasticity to veins, muscles, skin, bones and other tissues is calcium fluoride’s function and Calc fluor’s specialty. This cell salt aids conditions resulting from inflexible tissue or tissue that cannot bounce back from injury, pregnancy, growing, aging or illness. These include hemorrhoids, varicose veins, stretch marks, growing pains, backache, lumbago, inflamed joints, loose or decaying teeth and weakness in muscular tissue.

2 – Calc Phos -  Concerned parents have made Calc phos (calcium phosphate) a popular favorite. Its natural support is ideal for easing growing pains, teething issues, study headaches, fatigue and a general discontentment. At any age its support applies to structural stresses– injured bones, slow healing wounds, joint pain, back pain, weak digestion, acute simple anemia and heavy periods. Key indicators include a desire for change or travel, cravings for fatty, salty foods and an intolerance for dairy products or fruit.
 3 – Calc Sulph - As calcium sulphate is a vital part of our cleansing systems, its cell salt remedy helps us heal wounds, skin disorders, pimples, sore throats and other conditions which tend to suppurate - form yellow pus. Calc sulph helps cleanse colds and allergies if thick yellow mucus causes eye irritation, runny noses and nasal blockage. Calc sulph is most suited to allergic individuals who enjoy walking in the open air, but it can give us all a good cleansing when needed. 
4 – Ferrum Phos (iron phosphate) to help the body face many stresses, espeically if general fatigue is the only dominant symptom. Its key symptoms and indications for use indluce: redness, heat, throbbing or fever, minor irritations along with sore red throat, toothache, minor ear pain, common colds, minor joint pains, skin eruptions, etc. It can be helpful for heat or sun-induced headaches and other headaches with shooting or throbbing headaches that feel better with an ice pack. Its applications extend to vomiting of undigested food as well as minor urinary irritation which may include occasional leakings, esp. at night. Ferrum phos can be particularly helpful in turning around a child’s sudden, but low, fever or a young girl’s pubescent weakness. Those who need it most tend to be pale, but flush easily. Pale young girls and teens get special attention in its listings. Biggest remedy in homeopathy for ANEMIA .  
5 – Kali Mur  As its source is critical to breaking down white mucus and discharge (fibrin), Kali mur (potassium chloride) helps cleanse colds, coughs and sinuses troubled by white mucus, as well as thrush, pimples, blisters or eruptions with white discharge. When marked by white spots, white discharge or a white coated tongue, Kali mur’s cleansing applications extend to a range of congestions including sore throats and oral or vaginal thrush, as well as sluggish digestive complaints including heartburn, acidity, gas, diarrhea and sick headaches.
6 – Kali Phos The cell salt nerve and brain cells depend on most, Kali phos (potassium phosphate), helps nerves recover, relax and regain strength. Kali phos offers balancing, revitalizing support when injury, illness, stress or sadness result in a heavy, yet restless fatigue or loss of nerve power. Its nerve calming or debuzzing relief extends to nervous headaches, backache, sciatica, neuralgia and buzzing in the ears, as well as common stress responses – temper tantrums, sleeplessness, nightmares, hypersensitivity, sadness and gloom.
7 – Kali Sulph Without potassium sulphate, systems stagnate, thus this natural cell salt’s cleansing applications include many conditions with yellow mucus including colds, croupy coughs, sinus or ear congestions, vaginal irritation or diarrhea, as well as skin conditions such as yellow flaky dandruff, skin eruptions or itchy rashes. Other symptoms that suggest a need for Kali sulph include a yellowish coating on the tongue, a sensitivity to heat, shifting joint pains, acute wheezy bronchial irritation, and heavy fatigue with a stuffy or boxed-in feeling.
8 – Mag Phos The simplest, most natural way to ease and prevent cramps, spasms and radiating pains is to encourage the connection between nerves and muscles with the cell salt they depend on. Mag phos is a fast acting remedy that benefits symptoms as diverse as leg cramps, muscle spasms, menstrual cramps, spasmodic coughs, colic and hiccups, as well as backache, right sided pain along the sciatic nerve, facial nerve pain, tics, toothache, stabbing headaches and weary nerves. Anytime symptoms improve with heat and worsen with cold, it’s perfectly natural to try this popular favorite. Sipping hot water with a dose is said to speed its action.
9 – Nat Mur The cell salt made from sea salt restores a range of imbalances. For colds, sinus pressure, post nasal drip, hay fever and sore throats, the use of Nat mur is indicated by a dry rawness and thickening clearish mucus. Other applications include cold sores, dandruff, dry skin, cracked lips, fever blisters, constipation, blinding headaches and lower backache. On the emotional plane, Nat mur helps relieve the effects of suppressed grief, disappointments and haunting memories including sleeplessness, sadness and fatigue.
10- Nat Phos -  Breaking down stomach acids, lactic acids and acidic deposits is the specialty of this cell salt and its source nutrient. In digestion, it offers balancing relief when fatty or sugary foods lead to sugar highs, heartburn, gas or diarrhea. If muscles and joints cramp and stiffen after shock or exercise, it helps break down lactic acid and relieve pain. It relieves a range of other acidity induced symptoms including: sick headaches, sluggish sour digestion, stiff joints, fatigue and indifference, especially if tongue has a yellow coating.
11 – Nat Sulph Sodium sulphate’s cell salt applies to a range of digestive, respiratory, pain and emotional symptoms which are aggravated by dampness, especially cold wet weather or places. Best known for its digestive support, Nat sulph relieves nausea, sick headache, sour vomiting, heartburn, bitter belching, colic, indigestion, diarrhea and a frequent need to urinate. It also benefits headaches, back and joint pain as well as lingering effects of head injuries. Other applications include wheezing, colds with yellow mucus, frequent need to urinate, and periodic sadness.
 12 – Silica As many cells need its source for strength, the cell salt Silica helps restore weak tissues that lack the strength to expel or root out congestions and irritants. For skin, it helps eliminate splinters, acne, eruptions and corns. For glands and membranes, it helps the body cleanse sore throats, mature coughs, sinus and ear congestion as well as constipation and diarrhea. Other indications include: pale skin, nervous irritability, timidity, fatigue, a lack of vital heat; weak ankles, skin, hair and nails; symptoms that feel better with warmth and much worse in a cold draft.

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Cell Salts
Price: $14.00
Which ones?:

Shea Butter-    2oz. 100% Unrefined Ivory/White African Grade A Shea Butter, Unfiltered, Raw and Organic.  Shea Butter nourishes the skin with Vitamins A, E, F and K.  Vitamin A provides healthy collagen and Vitamin E helps to maintain the skin and keep it clear, healthy, and is particularly helpful for sun damaged skin. It prevents and reduces wrinkles and facial lines and helps restore skin elasticity by moisturizing the skin, promoting cell renewal, and increasing circulation. Vitamin F acts as a skin protector and rejuvenator and it soothes rough, dry or chapped skin.  Shea Butter easily penetrates the skin allowing the skin to breathe and not clogging pores (Non-comedogenic). Shea Butter has a high level of cinnamic acid, a natural sunscreen and unsaponifiable lipids. Shea Butter is also an anti-inflammatory making it useful in treating rheumatism.  Shea Butter provides moisture to dry or damaged hair from the roots to the very tips, repairing and protecting against weather damage, dryness and brittleness.  The high fatty acid content of Shea butter also makes it an excellent additive to soap, shampoos, anti-aging creams, cosmetics, lotions, and massage oils.
Shea Butter
Organic, Unrefined
Price: $4.00

Sleep Remedy -   Just as coffee winds up the nerves, its remedy unwinds them, easing many stress-related symptoms as it goes– including hypersensitivity, nervous piercing headaches, and of course, sleeplessness due to an overactive mind, excitement, caffeine or coffee. This single acts best on cheerful, lively, restless people who are sensitive to strain, noise and pain. 160 pellets, 53 nights sleep. 
Sleep Remedy
Contains: Coffee Cruda Form: Pellets
Price: $12.00

Yunnan Baiyao Powder(Blood Powder) 
Makes Blood do what it is suppose to do. .04oz 
Removing blood stasis, blood clotting, promoting blood circulation,stopping pain, relieving internal heat, and subsiding swelling. It can treat traumatic injuries, blood stasis, swelling, pain, hematemesis, hemoptysis,hematochezia, piles hemorrhage, uterine bleeding, sores, soft tissue injury,closed fractures, bronchiectasia, tuberculosis hemoptysis, ulcer bleeding, and infectious skin diseases.
1. Treats chronic stomachache, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer bleeding, and sore and swelling throat.
2. Treats hemoptysis caused by bronchitis, pneumonia, bronchiectasia, and tuberculosis.
3. Treats all gynecological blood stases, including menalgia, amenorrhea,irregular menstruation, excessive menses, uterine bleeding and leucorrhoea,and postpartum blood stasis.
4. Treats fiery sore and poisoned sore.
5. Treats knife and gun wounds, and traumatic bleeding and injuries.
Directions external or internal use: Whatever symptoms mentioned above, adults: 0.2~0.3g each time. If the patient is strong or the injury is severe, the dosage may be increased properly but the maximum of dosage should not exceed 0.5g once every four hours. In case of no reaction, more doses should be taken successively. In case of bleeding wounds and trauma, minor or severe, the powder should be taken with boiled water; in case of swelling, taken with wine, the proper amount of the powder can be applied externally to arrest bleeding. For woman diseases mentioned above, it should be taken with wine. For excessive menstruation, taken after being infused in boiled water. In case of venenous sores at the primary stage, 0.2~0.3 g should be taken internally and a small amount of the powder mixed with wine should be applied to the affected part. For patients with ulcer only oral administration is advised. Children over 2 years old, 0.03g each time; 5 years old, 0.06g each time. Precaution: Within the first day after taking it, broad beans, fish, sour and cold food should be avoided. NOT for patients in pregnancy.
Yunnan Baiyao Powder
Blood Powder
Price: $14.00

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