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Cosmic Carpenter
Yes, I am a real carpenter!
Welcome to the first day of September! Where did August disappear to? We are given the last new moon of summer on Thursday. Use it as you see best and know that the energy will flow that night.  So we come to the very brief thought of the week.
This week is always a transition point as we begin to get ready for the fall season. It is almost like the shift of the season has already arrived for us. There are many great weather days ahead but you can feel that things are changing in nature around us. The seasonal time clock is starting to run down. However once again it will be rewound with the next season that comes. Be ready for the change that rapidly approaches.
We get to live in an ever changing environment with many gifts coming constantly. Use this week to explore the options you have been given. Take a deep breath and be one with all. 

Enjoy the weather and have a great week! Back with you next week! 
The Cosmic Carpenter 

Yes, once again circle starts runs every Monday at 7:00 PM. I have added a healing time before the start of circle beginning at 6:30pm. If you desire to have a healing before meditation please come. 
Please call for directions 716-572-2005.  The energy exchange is only $5 for the entire evening.
                       May each you have a wonderful week and count the blessings that
you are given on a daily basis.
A little note for those that contact me through the website. I add all the submissions I receive but often your server rejects my email. So for those that have gone through this process and not heard back please send it directly to my email address Thanks for following along in this evolving process.
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