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Cosmic Carpenter
Yes, I am a real carpenter!
Wow once again we have we end another month on Thursday. I must say that the month of April came went rather rapidly. This week we are offered a new moon on the 29.  Now for the brief thought of the week to last you through the rest of the week ahead.
This week on May 1 we celebrate Beltane one of the old earth religions holidays related to the Celtic culture. It is a time for celebration as the earth and sun are unites symbolically to bring fertility for the animals and crops. The thought was that when these things unite a prosperous growing season would come.
This week take a few moments to plant your seeds whether they are in the earth or a spiritual seed. Allow the flow of nature to take her course and reap the harvest later in the year. All things can happen if you believe that they can.
Blessings to all and as usual be back when the winds of change are about.
The Cosmic Carpenter 

                       May each you have a wonderful week and count the blessings that
you are given on a daily basis.
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