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We sell the Banerji Protocols

The Banerjis are Medical Doctors that have 130 years of experience in pathology. That’s four generations of homeopathic and medical knowledge, passed down from fathers to sons. Today, the Banerji Clinic is staffed by medical doctors who are also homeopaths and who use modern technology to diagnose illness.

Perhaps the most striking difference about the Banerji Protocol is the scope of the information they have gathered and the application of computer technology to store and categorize the information.  Each doctor at the Banerji Clinic sees 100 patients per day, and there are 10 doctors. That means that 1,000 patients are seen daily, 6 days per week, for a total of 6,000 per week. In the clinic’s data collecting rooms, eight computers continually collate and compile all these cases. This is said to be the busiest medical clinic in the world, and the amount of data they have succeeded in gathering is staggering.

From this vast collection of data, they have discovered that certain protocols are successful for 80% of the population. They also have developed secondary and tertiary protocols to cover the additional 20%.  In the time I have been using the Banerji Protocols in my own practice, I have seen amazing results, with long-term chronic issues resolved much more quickly than anything I had previously achieved. As far as I’m concerned, data and reproducible results trump speculation.

And long-term effects? The Banerji family has been studying these protocols for 130 years with no evidence of long-term problems emerging. I have witnessed with my own eyes the throngs of Dr. John Mendelsohn, chief of the UT MDACC patients (including the President and First Lady of India and the Queen of Bouton) who enter the research center and clinic seeking (and finding!) relief from all types of illness. I  do not believe that these people would be waiting in line for hours to attend a clinic if that clinic did not produce results.

I have gathered the Banjeri Protocols for your use.  If you have been diagnosed by a medical professional, you will benefit from these protocols.  

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